Tips to rank push in clash squad (TOP 5)

Tips to rank push:

The following are tips to rank push with great impression:

Tips to rank push:

1. Play with own squad:

Playing with own squad is the best method to reach heroic in clash squad mode. Squad never leaves you alone and you never leave your squad. This strategy puzzles the enemy squad. If the enemy also comes with his complete squad then you should use grenades when all enemies are near to each other. This can help you in making them become far to each other.

2. Save money:

Try to save money for upcoming round because it helps you to buy best gun and vest or gloo walls for next round. Try to play with fist in the first round or use the default gun (USP). In the next round, if you lose previous one, you will receive 1600 dollars. You can buy the best gun that can help you win the rounds.

3. Use gloo walls:

If you want to reach heroic rank then you should learn using gloo walls. Because gloo wall are defending weapons. They help you to protect yourself from incoming damage. So if you know how to use gloo walls then you can easily reach heroic otherwise you can reach Platinum 3 or below.

4. Never hurry:

The best tip of rank pushing in any mode is to play with patience. Watch for the enemy strategy and then use your skills. Mean to say never hurry. Get to any house and watch out how enemies play and then according to their strategy kill or rush on them. This will give you great advantage. Some enemy squads rush together, some are there and some are here. Some climb up high place and tell teammates about locations

5. Use the gun in which you are comfortable:

It is nice strategy to use the gun which gives you comfort. A long range fighter cannot fight in short range. He is not practiced. A shotgun king cannot use sniper with comfort. Choose the gun which brings comfort to you.

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