Gloo wall tips to use like pro players

Gloo wall tips to use like pro players:

Gloo wall tips: Gloo wall is one of the most defending weapon in free fire. In the past updates of free fire it size was very small but as the time passed more updates came and gloo wall was also updated. Its size became large and many skins of gloo wall were introduced. Many players like them too. Some tips of using gloo walls like a pro player are as:

1. Sit-up Gloo wall:

Sit-up gloo wall is one of the most impressing technique to use gloo wall. The player sits down and use gloo wall and immediately stands up. It looks very inspiring. Many players use it in customs or while playing one tap.

2. 360 degree gloo wall:

Players often use 360 degree gloo wall trick to cover themselves when enemy gives you full damage. The whole squad rushes at you and you want to heal yourself. This trick needs best movement and sensitivity.

3. Use gloo wall to distract enemy:

You can use gloo wall to distract ememies. if the enemy is rank pusher because he will try to save his rank and will not rush on you so you can use gloo wall and change location to distract him to find you.

4. Use the pet “ROBO”:

Pro players that use gloo walls quite great use th pet robo because the pet robo has ability to cover the gloo wall with a shield which is quite beneficial for player to use medikit or use grenade or any other explosive.

5. Use gloo wall to reach safe zone:

Some players that very obsessive in their ranks often use gloo wall every time, and this great thing. Using gloo wall every time provides you benefit. It also helps you to reach the safe zones if you are away or a squad is waiting for you.

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