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Differences between tension and stress

Differences between tension and stress:

Both stress and tension are conditions that can make a person sick. These two are the key elements that can lead an individual to a state of unhappiness. Undoubtedly both are related, although we consider it necessary to know when you are under tension or when under stress.


Stress is the accumulation of problems that force the body to respond. They can be worries, excesses, a complicated life, having to do many things at the same time. In general, stress responds to negative situations in a person’s life. A state of stress generates a hormonal imbalance that takes place in the body, which has effects on brain chemistry.


People tend to get stressed when events exceed their ability to adapt. There are many connoisseurs of the subject who affirm that a perennial state of stress can trigger diseases in the body. Some may be simple physical ailments such as nausea, nervousness, and general pain. There are cases like cancer whose cause can be stress. As we saw, stress is a response to something that can generate other conditions.


Tension is mental pressure. A tense person may feel threatened by the environment. It can be generated by a disorder in the body. High blood pressure, problems in the nervous system or others can be triggers for this condition. When it goes to the extreme, the individual can collapse.


This type of state in the individual can be caused by an intense state of stress. It can be felt at the muscular, physical and even mandibular level. Both pathologies are of psychological origin. Specialists recommend therapies, meditation, exercise, listening to music, etc. to treat them . Of course you have to do a lot of mental work to learn to face problems from another perspective. In this way, you would avoid falling into stress and therefore producing tension in the body.

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