Differences between spinach and watercress

spinach and watercress: It is very common to confuse spinach and watercress . It is important to know each of these foods well. When preparing a recipe, confusing them can totally modify the final flavor of the dish.

At first glance they may be similar. Although in details they have great differences .

spinach and watercress:


Spinach is an edible green leafy vegetable. It is grown on the ground. Its content includes sugar and provides various vitamins such as C, E, and K. It also provides calcium to the body. It is eaten preferably cooked or au gratin.


Spinach usually grows in the summer season. Its long stems are very thick. The leaves are somewhat elongated and broad, rough in texture to the touch. Spinach is served in pasta dishes and spinach pasta is available for its gluten content. The taste of the leaves is somewhat bitter. Because of the thickness of the stem, people prefer to eat the leaves.

It is a food with anti-aging properties. It has vitamin content that enriches the skin and restores collagen. Its consumption helps to maintain the complexion and the skin in general in good condition.


It is a vegetable that comes from streams because its cultivation is carried out in water. Watercress has great properties. It is rich in iodine, iron, calcium. Its benefits are many. It is an excellent digestive, diuretic and the amount of antioxidants it has benefits the brain.


Watercress is rich in vitamin C and folic acid. It is recommended for pregnant women. Its characteristic appearance is a little more vegetative from the stem unlike spinach. Its round, dark green leaves are small, round and soft to the touch. The bunch of watercress is very dense. The stem is thin and edible. It is used a lot raw, in salads.

Both are recommended as important nutrients to restore and strengthen the body. Spinach comes from land crops and high temperatures for its extraction. Watercress, on the other hand, comes from water crops and from slightly cooler temperatures. So not all that is green is spinach and not all the leaves you see are watercress.

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