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Differences between separation and divorce

Differences between separation and divorce:

At the moment in which a couple makes the decision to end their love relationship, there are generally two possibilities to do this procedure in a legal way: separation and divorce . Both may seem synonymous at first stay, but in reality there are certain differences that we would like to mention so that you can know what decision to make when this situation arises in your life or that of a friend.


First, separation refers to the legal interruption of the life together that the spouses share . This procedure is not responsible for ending the marriage. Neither does it break the marital relationship that exists between both people, so they can remain husband and wife.

The most characteristic aspect of this process is that the couple , should make this decision, can not return to contract marriage with others during separation. It is also important to note that individuals have the opportunity to remarry if they do not completely break this bond.


Another important point of the separation is that it can be requested in several ways. On the one hand, the spouses can reach a decision together and opt for this alternative; while, on the other hand. One of the spouses can make the request with or without the consent of the other. In addition, the couple can request this procedure after three months of the wedding and it is not necessary to explain the reason for the decision.


On the other hand, divorce is the legal procedure that completely breaks the marriage bond between the two couples. In this case, the spouses decide to put an end to married life and it is obtained through a court ruling.

The fact of opting for this decision implies that the marriage between the individuals has never existed. In case they want to rejoin, they have to remarry. Similarly, people who decide to divorce also have the opportunity to remarry other people .

Two ways carry this process. The first can be through the joint decision of the spouses. The second can be by one of them, either with or without the consent of the other. It is also important to mention that in a divorce. The decision is final and may or may not be justified.

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