Differences between Hygienic and Surgical Masks

Differences between Hygienic and Surgical Masks

Due to the current health crisis that the world is facing in a general way, it is necessary to know what type of mask, face mask or nasobuco is the most effective, in this case hygienic and surgical masks are taken as a reference, since there are a large number of these is It is very difficult to know what each one is for, in addition to knowing their differences, and because the World Health Organization recommends their use, this information is essential.

How good a mask is depends on many factors, this is based on the ease of breathing, its accommodation on the face, its diversity in terms of design and of course how good its filtration is, all this is generated thanks to the material which is used, therefore, it is necessary to know these materials if efficiency is to be sought.

Characteristics to Differentiate Hygienic and Surgical Masks

Masks have had a great boom today, not only limited to the use of health personnel, but also used by most people in society , for protection, the most used are hygienic and surgical, both have similar characteristics, however, they have characteristics that differentiate them.

Hygienic Masks: They are the most common, and act as a barrier that prevents bacteria, viruses and germs from leaving the body, they are very inexpensive, but their protection is limited, since it serves to avoid infecting other people, but does not prevent receiving some contagion.

This type of product is not considered a sanitary product, however, it is the one used by the population to avoid spreading, for which it must meet all the sanitary requirements for its use. You must take into account the material with which the masks are made.

Its manufacture must be carried out in an industrial way, as it is a sanitary product, for which its realization must have permits and licenses, both for its trade and importation. Without this, these masks are illegal and cannot be sold.

Another important difference is the classification of surgical masks, here are types 1 and 2, this is due to their level of filtering, there are also IIRs, which prevent leakage of fluids, such as blood. These masks must come sealed and with the signature that validates their certification.

Efficacy of Hygienic and Surgical Masks

To determine its functionality, some tests must be carried out, where possible leaks are measured, their fit to the face, the content of carbon dioxide that accumulates and its possible obstructions , no matter what type of mask is being treated, all must be evaluated in this way, in order to provide the protection and security that is expected.

Aesthetic masks

We can find a wide range of masks that meet all health requirements but also have an attractive design that can combine with our way of dressing or being.

From colored masks to masks for beards are some of the designs that we can find today.

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