Differences between exercising and training

Exercising and training: are terms used interchangeably. Attending the gym on a daily basis is usually taken as a workout. However, are you sure of it? Maybe yes, maybe not. We are going to show you why training and exercising are not the same.

But the confusion is understood because in both actions a goal is pursued. The issue is how you organize yourself and what time you have to meet those goals.

Exercising and training:

Work out

Basically involve doing some physical activity. When you go to the gym, you are simply exercising. Of course, the goal or objective is important. When you exercise you can be moved for many reasons. Health, achieving or maintaining a good weight, toning muscles, making use of free time, etc. The ultimate goal is general .


To exercise you should not go to a specific place. You can exercise indoors or outdoors. Many prefer this option. In the gym for example, you can set yourself and meet daily goals. Today you do squats, you increase the heart rate. Tomorrow you work arms and shoulders. In short, you exercise according to some basic needs that you organize per day.

The results of exercising are visible in the long term. You can last a lifetime exercising. In fact, any action you take outside of sitting or lying down is a physical activity.

To train

When we talk about training , a specific plan is followed to meet much more specific objectives, for example a competition. It is preparing yourself specifically for it. You can train for a specific period of time. The training is not constant.


Training requires structure and organization. Also a lot of effort and discipline. It involves following strict schedules. Have an adequate diet. There is always a coach who acts as a guide and examiner. Exercising can be done alone or with someone. The results of the training are immediate. They are displayed once you have completed the established time to train.

To lose those extra kilos it is best to exercise. In the same way, you must be constant and disciplined to achieve success. Or just get the desired goal. Anyone can start when they decide to exercise. The training is more professional. Many live by participating in competitions. Consequently, they are the ones who live to train.

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