Differences between credit and debit card

Differences between credit and debit card: Most of the people use them daily, but… do you really know the differences between credit card and debit card ? Today we will explain the main differences between the two and their different uses.


In the first place, a credit card is a form of payment that is responsible for financing the beneficiary. That is, it allows the person to make purchases without having the obligation to repay the money. As long as the same try to pay it in a certain period of time. This financial method allows the person to execute any type of payments. (up to a limit stipulated by the bank providing the card.) Also, interest can be paid as time passes and the bank accelerates the money regardless of the balance in the account.


The individual who decides to obtain a credit card has the opportunity to repay the borrowed credit in different ways. On the one hand, it can be paid at the end of the month, the beneficiary being the one who chooses the day, as well as it can be through a specific percentage . Similarly, the money can be reimbursed through a set fee. A special advantage of credit cards is that those who credit the payment on time can obtain discounts depending on what the financial institution offers.


debit card is a form of payment that has as its main characteristic the constant control of what the individual pays. One of the main differences of this card is that the ATMs withdraws the money.

Also, this method allows the individual to execute payments as long as there are funds in the bank account . Immediately deduction from the account makes any expense with debit card, either savings or checking.

Differences between credit and debit card

Purchases made daily requires debit card. Since, there is no interest on them. Debit does not pay stimulated percentage. In the event that a person cannot pay the debts of a credit card. The most viable option to avoid excessive expenses may be to obtain a debit card. Another difference is that with a debit card you can withdraw cash without problem, while with a credit card it is impossible to do this.

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