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Differences between Chinese and Japanese

Broadly speaking, they seem to be the same. Chinese and Japanese , very contrary to what is believed, have great differences that separate them. We know that language is the main differentiating feature, but at first glance, without them speaking, how would you recognize them. There are other characteristics that we will introduce you to below.


China is a country with a gigantic and somewhat disorderly population. The Chinese have a communist political lean. They are not as reverential and respectful as the Japanese. As for food, rice predominates in both cultures. However, the Chinese have a variety of dishes and preparations. They use both overflowing food, such as sautéed, grilled, etc. In relation to the constructions, the walled ones stand out.

Musically they prefer the oboe and the flute. However, to recognize them, it is best to look closely at their physical characteristics. The Chinese have a rounder head and their hair is very straight and black. The eyes are slanted, they do not present a predominant curvature. Their ends may point slightly upward. The nose is flat and very wide. Her lips are somewhat large, especially the lower lip that stands out. In stature they are quite short and thin in build.


The Japanese, on the other hand, are a slightly more civilized and advanced society, they are a first-class world power. The society and lifestyle of the Japanese is very orderly, systematic and neat. Everything works perfectly. They stand out for their ingenuity and creativity in the technological field.

His food bets more on raw fish and shellfish. Highlight the sushi. Musically they stand out more for the great voices they have, therefore they go for the song. The Japanese have buildings closer to palaces. Its policy is based on a constitutional monarchy.

differences between chinese and japanese

The physical characteristics stand out for its somewhat square head. The Japanese have narrow faces. They have large eyes, slightly raised towards the tip. They have a much more pointed nose. His mouth is somewhat large and wide although with thinner lips. His eyelids are flatter. They present some distance between the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Finally, the way of speaking is very different. Although it seems that they have a similar phonetic system, the Chinese tend to speak much more nasal than the Japanese . They use a guttural sound to speak and tend to pronounce the O’s with great emphasis. The Chinese have the very perennial N sound on their language.

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