Differences between cat meat and rabbit meat

Cat meat and rabbit meat:  Suddenly you have heard the phrase “cat for a hare.” It refers to obtaining something close to what you really wanted. Perhaps this saying is the result of the similarity between the cat meat and rabbit meat . This confusion can be typical of people who love red meat from all kinds of animals. But they may not have the experience to differentiate.

Both meats are very similar in texture and color. There are restaurants where when serving, they leave the hare’s legs as a sample of what was served. If you don’t want to be bullied, keep reading this article.

Cat meat and rabbit meat:

Cat meat

The cat meat in humans is more common in Asia than in America. It is something cultural. The structure of the bones of cats is very similar to that of rabbits. Such a structure is somewhat closed and fairly fine boned. The bluish color of the bones is characteristic.


Its meat is usually red to lighter tones. It is thin or fine. In addition, their bones are very straight with each other due to the natural flexibility of the feline.

Hare meat

A known practice especially in the livestock areas of some countries in America and Europe. Hare and rabbit meat is usually eaten. This requires a lot of cooking when preparing.


The hare bones,  unlike those of the cat , are white and the meat is thicker. Their ribs have very marked curves. Almost the entire structure of your body is very tight.

There are those who consider that there is no difference between the flavors of one and the other. And that really the consumption of the cat and the hare varies according to the culture. There are many taboos when it comes to this topic. For now, you already know how to distinguish them and it is impossible for them to give you a “pig for a hare.”

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