Difference between hut and palafito

hut and palafito:

Hut and Palafito: Since the beginning of human civilization, housing or shelter was important as a means of protection and shelter. They were first caves. Then, with the passage of time, various materials typical of nature were used. Many people tend to confuse these rural houses that, despite the age of modernity, are still in force. They are still the homes of many natives or indigenous people present in some areas of the planet.

Hut and Palafito:


in the topic hut and palafito: It is a type of shelter that can be installed anywhere, but on the ground. It is a rectangular wooden structure. Inside it is a single piece, without divisions. The walls are made of stone, logs or sticks interwoven with other natural materials and clay. The roof is made of straw or palm. Currently, native people of some areas live in huts because of culture or tradition.


They can be built in different dimensions , although this will depend on the materials used. Up to 20 people can live inside a hut. They are very easy and fast to build.

Stilt house

They are just as rustic homes. As we said, native or indigenous. It differs from the hut because it is built on water. Its structure is based on wooden stilts. They have a firmer roof than that of the huts . They are built in lagoons or on the shores of beaches with calm waters.


The stilt houses are lighter in construction than the hut. Although a bit more complicated and greater process. The structure of the bases that will support the rest of the house must be studied very well. It is necessary to ensure that it is not easily weakened or collapsed in the water. That is why the materials used are firm but light . Its walls are made of woven palm or fine wood.

People in many regions of the world use stilt houses as their home. Despite being of indigenous origin, other people have perfected the process and adopted it.

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