Best headshot tips to become pro player

Best headshot tips to become pro player

Best Headshot tips: Headshots are the shots that have additional damage as compared to body shots. These headshots can knock enemy in 2 seconds or below. So, a player who is willing to become a pro player should know these 5 tips for headshots as these have great effect on profile too.

1. Fire Button Size:

Adjust the right fire button from 40% to 55% because it helps you to drag the aim easily onto enemy’s head. Fire button size keeps importance in respect of dragging the aim.

2. Always drag Fire Button:

Dragging allows you to make headshots easily. This dragging is more easily with large size of fire button. Drag the fir button in the direction of enemy’s head. If the enemy is running to right side drag the fire button to right side in the direction of his head (just like this /).

3. Scope headshot trick:

To make headshot whilst in scope then you should know the trick hidden behind it. Turn the left fire button on. Lock aim on chest of enemy. Open scope press left fire button with left hand and at the same time swipe the screen up with your right hand. This enables you to make headshots in scope.

Use tis trick in mid-range.

4. Peak from right:

Peaking from right side allows you to make drag headshots easily because left fire button with which dragging is possible. Therefore, use the trick of peaking from right side allows you to make headshots easily.

5. Speed of dragging:

The important fact of dragging is that you should know the speed of drag. If you learn the speed of drag then you can easily make headshots. Speed of drag depends upon rate of fire of a gun. If a gun has low fire rate then drag slowly and if gun has high rate of fire then drag fastly.

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