3 best guns combinations that make chances to win

3 best guns combinations:

3 best guns combinations: Combination of guns has great importance in every match. Best gun combination makes a chance for you to get booyah in a match. These combinations which are given below also fill the enemy with anxiety because many players in match cannot choose best combinations which affects their rank greatly. The combinations are:

3 best guns combinations:

1. Semi-automatic sniper and Shotgun:

Semi-automatic snipers include sks, woodpecker and AC80. AC80 gives additional damage on continuous firing. These use AR ammo. These are best for long range and mid ranges fights.

Shotguns include M1887, M1014, Mag-7, and SPAS-12. These guns use SG ammo. These are beneficial in short range fight.

2. SCAR and Mp40 or M1887:

SCAR is one of the most powerful Assault Rifle (AR). It uses AR ammo. If it has foregrip level 3 then it has smooth effects on enemy. Scope headshots are just unbelievable.

Mp40 is the most powerful short range sub-machine gun (SMG) that uses SMG ammo. Predatory Cobra Mp40 is very great gun.

M1887 is the most powerful shotgun but it has 2 bullets but it is strong gun you can use it.

3. AWM and M82B:

AWM and M82B are in the category of snipers. They use Sniper ammo. Both guns have great damage.

AWM give 130 to 150 damage on body with vest. It gives 300 damage to enemy if he has no vest.

M82B is also a strong sniper. It gives the damage about 123 and the best quality of this sniper is that it can hit through gloo wall which player uses to defend himself from your attack but its requirement is that you should know the location of enemy present behind the wall. Otherwise, it is useless to fire on gloo wall because you do not know the location of enemy.


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